Instructions-RightAction Mindfulness Clock

Instructions: How to use Right Action Mindfulness Clock

What is Right Action Mindfulness Clock?

This application is a very different clock that does not ring or make sound when it is on. It appeals to your see-sense to make you read and reflect upon the things that mean most for your development. For more infomration please visit the product page here:
Right Action Mindfulness Clock


When you run the setup file yuou will be presented by a dialog box containing copy right information. Click next!



Now you are ready to chose the folder where you want to install the system. By default, the installation wizard suggestes to use the folder C:\RightAction\Ricght Action Mindfulness Clock. If you change the folder, please be sure to chose a folder where you have full access as the system needs write-access to the folder to be able to store your own configuration without running the system with elevated rights. Click next to continue!



You may be presented by a message showing like this:



Please, answer Yes here and the installation will start. After a minute or so, you get a confirmation that the installation was successful.



You are now ready to use the system. Go to your start menu and start the application!



Let us first walk through the toolbar!


With other words, click on the “wheel” to open the setting window. You will be presented by a similar window like this one:



The Genral settings:

Run each (minutes):

Here you can chose how often you want the system to run on your computer. The number is limited between  10 and 100, but we recommend as suggested by Mark Waldman, 60 minutes interval. Try and see what works best for you!

When time is in, the main window will show up in a maximized state so it will cover your screen and shows you your preconfigured values, goals and personal development desires. If you have multiple screens, the system will cover only one.

on screen (minutes):

The number of minutes you wish the window is open befoe i docks again into the system tray. You can always call it back by clicking on the “Right Action Mindfulness Clock” icon in the system tray. When you do that, the system will pause and you have to click on the “start”-button on the toolbar to start it again.

Start the Mindfulness Clock at once the application starts:

If this is checked the Clock will start counting at once you start up the application and the application will Dock automatically into the system tray.

Use a background image:

If this is checked the screen will show an image of your choice. you can browse for an image on your computer and link it to the system. We advice not to use large images so you do not get problems with the graphics in case of low memory in your computer.

The three next sections in the setting dialog are very similar to each other, you can empty each list by clicking on its corresponding “Clear all” button. You can also remove single value from the list and you can insert a new value.

When done editing the lists. Please click on “Save all changes”. You will get a confirmation that your changes have been stored and the system will refresh iwth your lists.

PS: If you experience any problems using the sytem, please let us know and we will fix any defects as soon as possible.

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