Right Action Mindfulness Clock

How much time a day do you think is right to invest in your personal growth and development?

Different experts recommend different amount of time, but all of them agree that you must use time daily on yourself if you really want results to show up and sustain.

We know that to live an exceptional life where we feel happy and successful, we need to live a purposeful life. This means we need to identify our highest values in life and live these out. This is what John Assaraf call “Life On Target”.

To enforce thinking of these values people use different strategies. Most known is the use of boards like vision board, strategy board and motivational board. Some also divide board in sub boards.
No matter how you do it, we know that repeating the same things on and on again changes the way you think.

Mark Waldman who is one of the most known experts within the Neuroscience of Mindfulness suggests us to use at least one minute each hour to reflect on our values, goals and desires. It is necessary for your brain to get reminded all the time that your decisions and actions must be based on your values, aligned to your goals and contribute to bring you closer to your desires.

Main window- Right Action Mindfulness Clock
This screen shot shows how the system looks like after installing it at your PC

Right Actions Mindfulness clock is a PC-based system which enables you to do exactly this thing and in this way contribute to enable you achieve the success you deserve in life.
The System has only one misssion: Remind you of your:

  • Highest values
  • Most relevant goals
  • Most important personal development desires

We have limited the number of items in each category to five. This is because human brain cannot focus on many items at the same time. Five should be more than enough to focus on. When you have achieved these new goals and areas in your life. Anyway, if you want the system to keep a longer list of your values, goals and desires, it is fully possible, but it will show only the first five in its main screen.

The application can be configured so you can decide on how often you want the reminder to fire up and how long it should stay on the screen. We recommend 1 minute each 60 minutes.

Here you can control how often the system will remind you of the things that mean most for you

From the setting screen you can also enter the values of your choice, your current goals and personal development desires.

We believe this Mindfulness Clock will be a very helping tool in your daily life.


We believe also that low cost price is necessary to enable people to take in use new methods and technologies. Therefore we price this tool to a very low price of 25 USD. Your growth is worth much more than that!



 As Joe Vitale “One of the actors in The Secrete” said: ” The universe loves speed, do not delay, do not hesitate, act now! “

We recommend you to act now, invest in your growth by installing Right Action Mindfulness Clock and start living a more purposeful life!

Right Action Mindfulness Clock
25 USD

We use paypal for money transaction. This gives you a secure channel and enable payment by using any credit card.

Here you can find the instructions for how to install and use the system.

Enjoy and good luck


Ps: We are always open for suggestions and comments. If you have a suggestion to the further development of this tool, please let us know and we will be happy to help is possible.

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