Right Action aims to be the preferred partner for individuals, groups and organizations in personal and group development. We provide advice, guidance, consultation, mentoring and coaching with focus on:

  1. Goal setting and achievement
  2. Self-realization and awareness
  3. Teambuilding and positive identity development
  4. Effective decision-making and responsibility
  5. The path from self-pity to total success
  6. Analyses of unwanted behaviour, thinking and belief patterns that lead to less success and inefficient decisions

We will get you started, hold your hand and show you and your team the tools you have available for achieving the ultimate success. In case you do not manage to identify your own tools, we will be there for you and show you how you can develop and utilize them. We will follow your progress step by step and will provide the necessary advice and support. We will also be asking critical questions along the way. Do you know that by asking the right questions, you may be able to identify new ways to solve challenges?

Are you excited and want to find out more? Please feel free to contact us!

Why use Right Action?

The simple answer is: because this our method is simple and consists of only three steps. It can be used by both individuals, groups and organizations. This method is the ultimate manual to success step by step.

I, Hussam Ahmad, who is the founder of Right Action, has over 47 years of life experience. During these years, I have adopted many processes and methods and experienced both positive and negative aspects of their use. Many of the methods or frameworks as some like to call their methods, are known worldwide and used in huge industries. The common denominator to all methods used today is that the person is not being seen in whole. The person is being isolated from his innerself. Furthermore, companies do not see the human side in their employees and think about them as rescources and only that.  Forgetting the human factor may have fatal effect on the results achieved by any organization. Knowledge is of course important, but knowledge without the right action relating to this knowledge is sheer waste of resources.

I do know that the key to the ultimate success lies within us. The only thing we have to do is follow the three step method and let go. The rest will take care of itself.

Step 1: Set up the right goals

Step 2: Add the correct amount of will and energy

Step 3: Follow up with the right actions

This is the guaranteed easy way to success. You’re probably wondering now if it is really that easy? My answer is: Yes, that’s it.

The only thing that can imped your success is a set beliefs you may have established about what is possible and what is worthy. The good news is that I can help you and your team to alter this state to create new behaviour that allows you to skyrocket your perfromance. I have done countless number of times and know it works. But I cannot help you if you do not let me in. The only one that can decide on it now is YOU!